About Me

Holding Bantam Australorp Rooster

A Little About Me & Some History

Raising and exhibiting poultry is a very popular pastime in Europe, where I grew up. I began raising chickens before my teen years, and as a young boy soon joined the local poultry club in Germany.

After I emigrated to the USA at age 20, it took me some time to get reestablished in the Fancy and I didn’t get back into the hobby for several years.

After 2 years in the U.S. Army, getting married, and moving all over the country, I finally settled in the Seattle, WA area on a small farm where I acquired some basic production feedstore variety laying hens. I soon got bored with them and began to obtain purebred, show quality birds in ernest. I now raise close to 10 varieties of Show Chickens.

Besides my dark-egg layers, such as Welsummers and Barnevelders, I specialize in the rare breeds, like Bantam Welsummers in 2 colors (BB-red and Silver), Bantam Australorps, and the rarest of all, Large Fowl Mahogany Russian Orloff. To my knowledge I have the only existing flock of Mahogany RO’s in the USA and they are extremely hard to find in Europe.

I am proud to have been successful in an effort to get Welsummers and Barnevelders accepted into the American Standard of Perfection (APA) with the help of the late Horst Greczmiel and Lowell Barber, as well as Dr. Bjorn Netland. In fact, we owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Netland as he actually did most of the legwork.

My lovely wife Virginia. This allows me the time to devote to focusing on the consistent improvement of the breeds I work with and I enjoy sharing the fruits of this labor of love with those who have an eye for my breeds.

NPIP CERTIFIED – Participant 91-120